Artwork Frame for a Stetson Art Piece

Nothing brings life to your space quite like a beautiful piece of art. Decorating your home or business with artwork makes it feel welcoming and adds interest and personal style. Gallery’s Edge Frame Shop can help you brighten your space with your favorite pieces with our artwork framing services.

Our custom framing shop in Scottsdale works with all types of art, not just photos. Let us help make your artwork stand out and last for decades with expert artwork framing.

Artwork Framing Services in Scottsdale, Phoenix & Tempe

Sometimes, you find a piece of art that speaks to you or perfectly complements your space. These pieces are worth preserving, so you can enjoy them for a lifetime. A quality frame will protect artwork from changing temperatures, moisture levels, and other environmental hazards that can damage it over the years. Artwork framing will also help maintain the value of the piece, while at the same time personalizing it for your home or business.

Gallery’s Edge has provided artwork framing services for many homeowners, artists, galleries, and other professionals in Phoenix, Scottdale, and Tempe. We are known for our superb craftsmanship, advanced preservation methods, and professional service.

Floral Canvas Stretch in a Frame

Canvas Stretching in Scottsdale & Surrounding Areas

Do you prefer to display your artwork in a way that feels more authentic? Our shop will also stretch canvas prints and original artwork. Canvas stretching is a great option for displaying your favorite photographs or artwork prints. The canvas will make your print more durable while maintaining the high quality of the image, and not to mention look impressive in your space.

We take just as much care with our canvas stretching techniques as we do with framing, so you can be sure your art will last for years.

Whether you need artwork framed, matted, stretched over canvas, or preserved in another way, we can take care of it at Gallery’s Edge Frame Shop. Serving private and commercial customers in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe, we’ll be happy to provide the framing services you need.

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